About us

About Us

Prokey Technologies Sdn. Bhd. was founded in Malaysia 2019 by a high experienced group of IT professionals as an IT fast growing company which combined latest hardware and software technologies to develop security and infrastructure solutions for a safe internet include online accounts, data encryption and digital assets as well as blockchain applications for individuals and companies.

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop a single physical key to comprehensively secure your digital life. Whether you need a secure solution to use 2th factor authentication, data encryption, email, digital assets and server administration.

Entreprise solutions

Besides our hardware products we offer services and consulting, We offer fully customizable infrastructure solutions safeguarding digital assets for banks, hedge funds and high net worth individuals.

Our Story

ProkeyTech co-founders were childhood friends from Tehran and each one have different interest in technologies industry, Hadi loves electronics, Mazyar loves e-commerce and Aliakbar loves software programming. After graduating from same school and getting more experience and work in various companies for several years. they finally decided it was time, they met during summer break once to discuss a potential idea of setting up a company to combine their skills to create something special, but make sure their friendships were never compromised. they spent months brainstorming, researching and eventually launching the company.

The first successful product was a Bowling scoring system which built in 2017 and second one was, a small device to connect internet to any device. Despite success in these products, the founders decided to create a general product to resolve an important concern of many internet users and companies, an all-in-one solution key to protect digital lives. Since 2018, our group is working hard to create Prokey to support wide range of functionalities to cover all security needs.